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It is an especially valuable and purposeful experience for children to prepare their own food. This is why we have included a cooking and a baking day into the weekly rhythm. One day per week, the children peel and chop vegetables to cook a soup and one day, they bake bread. Wherever possible, we use raw materials, and process them with manual tools, e.g. a grain mill, mortars and pestles, etc. In this way, we allow the children to experience the whole process and give them a much better understanding of what food is.

Measuring and mixing the required amounts is also a mathematical activity. It also introduces a reference for amounts and proportions. This, as with any traditional technique, gives a deeper and richer understanding of function and mechanics and helps the child’s spirit to walk the path our society took to develop the skillset needed for a modern world.

Sharing a healthy lunch in the class is an important social experience: The children learn to engage in table conversation and take responsibility for setting up the table and cleaning up afterwards.

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